Welcome to BILAL ENTERPRISES PAKISTAN your trusted partner for quality products and unmatched service. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional products and services to our valued customers. We have grown from a small family business to a leading name in the industry, serving both domestic and international markets. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives everything we do.

Bilal Enterprises Pakistan(Import & Export)

Bilal Enterprises Pakistan (Import & Export) is providing a one-window solution for international buyers. A one-window solution typically means that a single entity or service provider handles all aspects of the export process from Pakistan, simplifying the procedure for international buyers. This can be immensely beneficial, especially for new buyers looking to streamline their export operations. International buyers should thoroughly research and choose a reputable exporter and reliable service sourcing provider to ensure a smooth and successful exporting experience. 

Bilal Enterprises Pakistan (Import & Export): Verifying their credentials, reputation in the industry and client testimonials can help ensure a smooth and successful partnership. Additionally, clear communication and collaboration between the exporter and the service provider are key to maximizing the benefits of a one-window solution for exports.

Bilal Enterprises Pakistan One Window Solution

Bilal Enterprises Pakistan (Import & Export) offers a convenient ONE-WINDOW SOLUTION for exports, streamlining the entire export process. International buyers can enjoy the convenience of having all export-related services, including documentation, customs clearance, transportation, and logistics. The advantages of this service include increased efficiency, expertise in navigating export regulations, reduced errors, cost-effectiveness, market knowledge, and customized solutions. It is crucial for exporters to choose a reputable and reliable service provider to ensure a smooth and successful exporting experience.


Bilal Enterprises Pakistan specializes in Made in Pakistan Products providing, sourcing with logistics and supply chain solutions. Our diverse range of products is designed to meet the unique needs of our customers across various sectors. Pakistan producing a wide range of products across various industries. The agricultural sector in Pakistan produces a variety of crops, Rice, Maize including Fruits like Mango, Citrus and Vegetables likes Potato, Pea, Bitter gourd, Carrot. Pakistan manufactures sports goods, surgical instruments, Mechanical Machinery, and handicrafts, which are exported to international markets. Pakistan is also known for manufacturing leather products, such as shoes, belts, and bags. Pakistan is one of the world’s largest cotton-producing nations, and its textile industry produces a variety of fabrics and clothing items. Himalayan Pink Salt, Wooden Handicrafts are the major exports of Pakistan.


Bilal Enterprises Pakistanis registered Import and Export Company with the Pakistan Federal Board of Revenue (FBR); The Company was formed in 2007. The company has the stamps of the Pakistan Single Window (PSW), Pakistan Customs Department (Import & Export License), and Sargodha Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We offer the Made in Pakistan products to all over the world with the motto cut a guardian knot. The company believes in the ease and service provided to our valued clients, and for that purpose, we carry out our operations in four steps. Quality assurance personnel are responsible for ensuring that products and services meet the established standards set by the company. Duties include maintaining strong overall quality control of products made by the company adhering to reliability, performance and customer expectation

Our Core Value

Our single mind approach to set benchmark standards for our products through strict quality controls in our production chain to deliver quality products and delivery contract schedules on time helps us to maintain customer satisfaction and continuous sales.The skilled professionals at our unit are well aware of industry quality trends and changing demands of clients and accordingly process the order with strict quality control. Dedicated customer care team for complete customer satisfaction and quick communications.

Our Mission

Is to be recognized as leading national and international General Trading Company providing a competitive purchasing service to our valued clients, sourcing supplies originating from across the country and overseas.

Our Vision

Is trade (Business), which is the Sunnah of prophets and when done honestly and fairly, so it can be a form of devotion to Allah/God. In this wake, we strive to become an entity in trading.

Our Team Members

Bilal Sultan

CEO and Founder

Arif Mehmood

Director and Co- Founder

Muhammad Imran

Director UAE

Awais Butt

Director UK